Sumiro's Kayak Karamad Kimiko


Kimiko has earned most of her  minor points and is looking for majors to finish her championship.

She has taken time off to try her paw at motherhood and will return to the ring fall 2013.

Kimiko was bred to Zin with puppies anticipated mid January.

 We are excited to see what the next generaton will bring.



OFA: SH-17628G32F-VPI:

SHOR# S11202/12


Black and white female
Brown eyes
DOB: 11-1-2008
                                        				CH. KONTOKI'S NATURAL SINNER
                   	     	 			CH KONTOKI'S ReincarNATE
                                        				CH KONTOKI'S HAKUNA MATATA
                 			Karamad's Natural Sunsation
                                        				CH KONTOKI'S 'N' BINGO WAS HIS NAME O
                    	     				CH KARAMAD'S KAYAK CAROUSEL O" TIME
                                       	 				CH. KARAMAD'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY
                                        				CH KONTOKI'S 'N' BINGO WAS HIS NAME O
                             				CH. KARAMAD'S SUMIRO SUPERNATURAL
                                        				CH. KARAMAD'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY
                       	 		CH KAYAK'S NOTHING BUT TROUBLE	
                                        				CH. KARAMAD'S SUMIRO BEARHEART
                             				CH SUMIRO'S TROUBLE A' BRUIN O' KAYAK
                                        				CH KAYAK'S SHARP SHOOTER