Meet the Sumiro Gang


Sumiro Kayak Karamad Kimiko


GrCH  Paragon's Every Now and Then  -  "KenZin2011 Champion


 Karamad Sumiro Rydin' High - "Ella"


Karamad Sumiro Zins of The Father  -  "Zeke"


CH.  Sumiro's Trouble A' Bruin O' Kayak - "Hana"  retired 



CH Sumiro's Kayak Bleu Fluertation - "Chibiretired 



Occasional residents and visitors

CH Karamad's Sumiro Natural Harmony  -  "Lyric retired

CH Karamad's Sumiro Possibilities  -  "Herbie retired

CH Karamad's Life's a Journey  -  "Vida retired

CH Karamad Lil' Eyesa Bleu  -  "Liza 2011 Champion  Finished with a 5 pt Specialty win

CH Karamad's Winds of Change  -  "Kadja 2011 Champion


Bred by or co-owned and living with others

CH Karamad's Moonstruck at Sundance -"Luna"     2011 Champion  Finished with a 5 pt Specialty win

CH Kayak's Pagan Moon O'Kaylenberg - "Luna"

GrCH Kaylenberg's Wicked ` "Elphie"  retired

CH Karamad Shadow 'N The Foothills - "Shadow" 

CH Kayak's Wild Bleu Yonder - "Pilot

Kayak's Karamad Kare Bear - "Frankie"

CH NeeChee's Gunsmoke of Karamad - "Gunner"    2010 Champion.  All points from BBX

GrCH Karamad's Cobalt Tikanni  -  "Cobalt"    2010 Champion

CH Karamad's Sharing the Midnight Moon - "Summit"  2011 Champion finished with a 5 point major!

CH Karamad's Kayak Carousel of Time - "Kari  retired

CH Sumiro's Out of The Woods  -  "Tiger retired

CH Karamad's Sumiro Live the Legends - "Cubbie"  retired

CH Karamad's Sneak'n Kozmohican  - "Kozmo retired

CH Karamad Sumiro Grin 'N' Bear It  -  "Jitter Bug retired

CH Karamad's Brother Bear - "Koda"   retired

CH Sagebrush's Blue Point  -  "Blue retired

  CH Kayak's Charmed I'm Sure - "Piper"  retired

Friends waiting at the Rainbow Bridge


CH  Crakara's Sumiro C My BB Bleus  - Kioki


Amahok's Fugitive From Justice  -  Willie


CH Sumiro's Bounty Hunter  -  Bowler


Karamad's Governors Pardon  -  Kenzo


CH Karamad's Sumiro Supernatural  -  Kobi



CH Karamad's Sumiro Bearheart  -   Bruin


Sumiro's Kumajiro

CH. Kayak's Sharp Shooter - "Annie"

Ch. Karamad's Next Generation - "Riker"

CH Karamad's Sentimental Journey CGC - "Journey"

CH Karamad Called Down the Thunder - "Wyatt" 

CH. Kimosabi Amahok - "Kimo"

CH Karamad's Lady in Bleu - Ellie 

CH Karamad's Bearhugs  -  "Koala"  

Ch. Karamad's Leading Lady - "Keyara"

CH. Syntari's Samiq - "Samiq"   



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